Our Staff

LRTV's paid staff includes a full-time station manager, book keeper, several part-time videographers primarily covering municipal and school district meetings, community events  and concerts and a part-time video streaming specialist as follows:


  • Chris Richard

    Chris Richard

    Station Manager

    Chris started his broadcasting career as a Show Producer and DJ for The Portland Radio Group in South Portland, Maine. After working there for 2 1/2 years he got an opportunity to be a Production Director making radio commercials as well as being a Show Producer for Atlantic Coast Radio in Westbrook, Maine.

    In 2015 Chris started at LRTV as a part time Videographer and Editor. As time went on he took on more responsibility, programing the station's playback schedule and coordinating the weekly municipal meetings. In 2017 Chris became the Station Manager. Since then he has updated the station with new technology and has brought the stations integrity back to good standing.

  • Jeannie Strickland

    Jeannie Strickland


    I was born in Maine but was transplanted to California when I was about 2 years old. I spent my summers in Harrison With my grandparents.I went to Business College in the late 70's , graduating 3 months ahead of my class. I moved my family home to Maine in 1986 and proceeded to add to it :) . I worked for a CPA for awhile and moved on to other opportunities such as Quality Control and Health Insurance Claim Processing.Eventually taking a Management Position in Retail. I moved to Texas with my kids in 2006 when my son and son in-law both joined the Army and were stationed at Fort Hood.I returned home in 2011 taking a position in management with a chain of convenience stores. No matter what my endeavors it has always involved working with numbers. I am semi retired, enjoying my time with my grandchildren ad still working with numbers part time and enjoying the best of life.

  • Drew Knightly

    Drew Knightly

    Streaming Technician

    Electronics, radio and electrical has been the theme from childhood on up to present. Becoming a Ham Radio operator in high school, a Journeyman Electrician while attending SMTC for a degree in electronics came next. From house wiring to traffic signal tech, Mt Washington to Mars Hill wind turbines. Mt Washington being the career highlight at the WMTW TV8 transmitter and power facility, home of the worlds worst weather, no joke!. Mixed with Yankee Microwave Inc. as a video microwave radio technician on hill tops through out New England, Drew Knightly has a keen interest in the technical side of television production and the transition from analog to digital communications. Semi retired, he serves as our chief web streaming technician and behind the camera production particularly for public meetings in his hometown of Denmark.

  • Evan Miller

    Evan Miller


    For 5 years Evan has produced LRTV’s Sessions, featuring original artists and music from Maine’s Lakes Region. Evan also Edits and produces LRTV’s Unscripted Series, which showcases and explores community issues in and around Bridgton Maine. Evan serves as LRTV’s liaison to Bridgton’s Community Development Committee.

  • Noah Richard

    Noah Richard


    Noah is a gamer and makes his own videos and has his own YouTube Channel. He also enjoys natural history. Noah started at LRTV in 2019 as a part time Videographer. Since then he has helped out at many municipal meetings and events, filming and helping with equipment setup. Noah also cleans the equipment, helps with inventory and in 2021 painted the studio. He graduated from Lake Region High School in 2021.

  • Nathaniel Hart

    Nathaniel Hart


    I have lived and grown up in the Lakes Region since 2000. I have always held a great fascination for many things, all in the pursuit of learning or experiencing something new. In 2011 I decided to pursue a pilots license which led me to attending flight school in 2013 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I am now training to be a certified flight instructor and hope to make a career out of it. One of my many interests is the art of filmmaking, which lends itself to my interest in Lake Region Television.

    I am a videographer at LRTV, which means I'm the guy behind the camera recording your local town meetings and general 'goings-on'. Whether that be meetings for the Board of Selectmen, or Planning board, town hall, and others. You may also see us at town events like fairs, charity events, or the opening of a new business; If it's the talk of the town we want to be there to capture it.

  • Fred McCubrey

    Fred Mccubrey

    Videographer/Multi-Camera Technical Director

    Technology has always interested me. My neighbor once gave me a box of old computers that I really enjoyed taking apart and finding how things worked. In high school I enrolled in the Advanced Technologies class at the Lake Region Vocational Center and then later completed compTIA A+ for computer repair certification.

    After dabbling in building race cars, I decided to turn to cameras as a less messy hobby and started working as a camera operator. My role at LRTV is mostly to produce the live municipal meetings held in the lower level of the Bridgton Municipal Complex. Here I simultaneously control the robotic cameras, mix audio, and insert graphics. I also help on events outside the studio.

  • Patti Schulte

    Patti Schulte

    Media Specialist/Producer

    Patti Schulte, Bridgton resident, moved to Maine in 2013 for her husband’s job in the lumber industry with Hancock Lumber. She was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, and attended Columbia College of Chicago for theatre design. Specializing in theatrical make-up design quickly landed her working for the Chicago Lyric Opera. After completing her school for make-up design in Vancouver, BC Canada, she then set out on a path as a wig and hair specialist in the film and television industry in the Pacific Northwest for 10 years.

    After starting a family upon moving to Maine, and traveling within the state doing hair and makeup for weddings, her background and roots in film and television brought her back into the industry when she joined Lake Region Television in 2018 as a camera operator, producing community events, municipal meetings, and promoting local small businesses in the Lakes Region. After serving on the LRTV Board of Directors for a time, she has returned to staff to specialize in social media, marketing, and production. Patti spends most of her free time outdoors enjoying the Lakes Region, and spending time on Highland Lake with her husband, Aaron, and 2 daughters, Madison and Daphne.

  • Audra Hamlin

    Audra Hamlin


    I graduated from Fryeburg Academy in 2020. I am currently studying economics, film, and environmental science at Mount Holyoke College. In my downtime, I enjoy playing guitar and kicking around a soccer ball. I have always had a passion for all aspects of filmmaking, from script to final edits; I enjoy video making in my free time. I hope to hone my creative storytelling skills and enjoy all aspects of learning the process and art of video production.

    I started working with LRTV in the spring of 2021. My main niche is helping the surrounding towns of the Lake Region by live recording all Select Board and Planning Board meetings for community members to watch live. These recordings serve the community by offering a source of entertainment and information and are also a resource for future reference. I have enjoyed learning and working with LRTV and can't wait to continue work with the towns of the Lake Region area.

  • Laura Friedman

    Laura Friedman


    Laura is a 2021 Communications and Film graduate from Curry College. She helped produce and make The Passage, a 30 minute short film for the dance department at her school. She also worked as the Assistant News Director and Radio Show Host at the Curry College radio station WMLN 91.5.