Our Studio

Since its founding in the fall of 1992, Lake Region TV has maintained its studio, cablecast operations, and office in the lower level of the Bridgton Municipal Complex with an entrance from the Iradale Street side.  From 1992 to March 1995, our home was a cramped 10'x16' closet/office with just enough space to film its regularly produced talk shows in a corner surrounded by equipment located just off-camera.  As the station's equipment list and volunteers grew it became obvious that more space was needed.  In the summer of 1995, the then co-managers Peter Lake and Bill Severance drew plans proposing to convert 1/3 of the large downstairs meeting room into a studio and office complex.  Thanks to Peter's presentation and persistance, the Bridgton Selectmen voted to allow LRTV to expand into this area with all costs of construction being paid for by LRTV.  Bill Severance along with his father-in-law Phil Chandler, a professional carpenter, and aided from time to time by other volunteers worked for four months to transform the area into a 20'x25' studio, 8'x20' control room, 6'x8' editing bay, 10'x10' cablecast room, 10'x10' office area, 10'x20' storage room and a small coffee area.  The move into the facility's new home was made on March 10, 1995.  The first live show (Sports Talk) in the new studio was taped two days later on March 12, 1995.

Over the years the facilities have been remodeled and redecorated. The studio control room and cablecast room in particular have been reconfigured several times as we have tranferred from analog to digital video. In 2021, professional LED lighting including two soft-ligth LED pannels on stands and two RGB PAR LED accent lights - all controlled via DMX.