TRMS Cablecast Schedule

05:00 PM00:25:321302 Out and About - Space Endeavor
05:00 PM00:25:321302-A Out and About - Space Endeavor
05:00 PM00:25:32Livestream Out and About - Space Endeavor
05:00 PM00:00:581303 LRTV Board of Directors Recruitment
05:01 PM00:07:181303 LRTV Poetry - CS Parker - Psychedelic
05:09 PM00:27:101303 Fishing Maine "Highland Lake"
05:25 PM00:21:201302 Lake Life Ep 1 Fishing
05:25 PM00:21:201302-A Lake Life Ep 1 Fishing
05:25 PM00:21:20Livestream Lake Life Ep 1 Fishing
05:36 PM00:00:311303 What is LRTV ?
05:37 PM00:24:441303 Garden Wise Living "BBQ and Brew"
05:47 PM00:37:511302 Lake Life Milfoil
05:47 PM00:37:511302-A Lake Life Milfoil
05:47 PM00:37:51Livestream Lake Life Milfoil
06:02 PM00:24:521303 The Garage - Planter Box
06:26 PM00:01:111302 Become an LRTV Underwriter
06:26 PM00:01:111302-A Become an LRTV Underwriter
06:26 PM00:01:11Livestream Become an LRTV Underwriter
06:27 PM00:28:591302 White House Chronicle - Housing Crisis
06:27 PM00:28:591302-A White House Chronicle - Housing Crisis
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What Is Lake Region TV?

Lake Region Television is a three-channel community access cable television station serving twelve communities of the Western Maine Lakes Region lying in the Sebago/Long Lake area about 45 miles northwest of Portland:

Baldwin Hiram
Bridgton Naples
Casco Parsonsfield
Cornish Porter
Denmark Sebago

From our studios located in the lower level of the Bridgton Municipal Complex, we reach a potential viewership of over 6,000 families served by Time-Warner Cable. Having it’s beginnings in the fall of 1992, LRTV is organized as a not-for-profit corporation and recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. Our mission is to facilitate the production and placement of television programming of public, educational, and governmental (P.E.G.) interest on the local cable system to help make our communities a better place in which to live and to serve by entertaining, informing, and persuading our viewers with a wide range of programming and other services. We hope our web site will answer any questions you may have and encourage you to find out how to “make your own kind of TV.”