How Is LRTV Funded?

LRTV is a not-for-profit Maine corporation funded in various ways:


  • Bridgton, Harrison, Naples and Casco and Sebago receive a cable franchise fee based upon a percentage of gross television subscriber revenues from the cable provider Spectrum/Charter and by vote at their annual Town Meetings earmark a portion of this fee for community access television.


  • Casco contracts with Lake Region TV to produce and archive videos of its Selectboard and other municipal meetings and pays a quarterly production fee for this service.


  • DVD copies of some of our locally-produced programming are sold at a reasonable price.


  • Local businesses and non-profit organizations become LRTV underwriters, contributing a monthly or annual amount toward our support while receiving special recognition on the Community Message Board or as a specific program underwriter.


  • As a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Lake Region TV is able to receive tax deductible contributions of cash, goods, and services. As we foresee a decline in cable franchise fees as viewers increasingly "cut the cord" and migrate toward internet based programming, donations will become increasingly important to our funding. We have added a way for you to make a one-time or recurring donation via the secure on-line form at the right.


To view our most recent financial statements and budgets, please click on the below links:

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