Sunday, April 20, 2014
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05:30 AM00:52:36Ch 7 Religious St Joseph 4-6-14
06:22 AM00:07:11Ch 7 Greater Bridgton Chamber Chat
06:30 AM00:52:36Ch 5 Religious St Joseph 4-6-14
06:30 AM01:13:20Ch 7 St. Peter's Episcopal Church
07:22 AM00:07:11Ch 5 Greater Bridgton Chamber Chat
07:30 AM01:13:20Ch 5 St. Peter's Episcopal Church
07:43 AM00:28:13Ch 7 Tai Chi
08:12 AM00:15:09Ch 7 The Living Bread
08:28 AM00:15:01Ch 7 The Living Bread
08:43 AM00:15:29Ch 7 The Living Bread
08:43 AM00:28:13Ch 5 Tai Chi
08:59 AM01:21:19Ch 7 Bridgton Alliance Church
09:12 AM00:15:09Ch 5 The Living Bread
09:28 AM00:15:01Ch 5 The Living Bread
09:43 AM00:15:29Ch 5 The Living Bread
09:59 AM01:21:19Ch 5 Bridgton Alliance Church
03:30 PM00:51:14Ch 7 The Maine Lobster Boat
04:22 PM00:07:11Ch 7 Greater Bridgton Chamber Chat
04:30 PM00:51:14Ch 5 The Maine Lobster Boat
04:30 PM00:26:48Ch 7 Smart Boating
04:59 PM00:27:46Ch 7 Remember When
05:22 PM00:07:11Ch 5 Greater Bridgton Chamber Chat
05:30 PM00:26:48Ch 5 Smart Boating
05:30 PM00:51:54Ch 7 Collecting Folk Art on a Shoestring or with a Pot of Gold
05:59 PM00:27:46Ch 5 Remember When
06:29 PM00:28:13Ch 7 Tai Chi
06:30 PM00:51:54Ch 5 Collecting Folk Art on a Shoestring or with a Pot of Gold
06:59 PM01:21:19Ch 7 Bridgton Alliance Church
07:29 PM00:28:13Ch 5 Tai Chi
07:59 PM01:21:19Ch 5 Bridgton Alliance Church
08:29 PM00:31:35Ch 7 Harvest Hills Animal Shelter
09:17 PM00:12:12Ch 7 Maine---From Moose to Mayflies
09:29 PM01:31:57Ch 7 Rufus Porter and DeerTrees Holiday Concert
09:29 PM00:31:35Ch 5 Harvest Hills Animal Shelter
10:17 PM00:12:12Ch 5 Maine---From Moose to Mayflies
10:29 PM01:31:57Ch 5 Rufus Porter and DeerTrees Holiday Concert

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Depot Street Tap House

Dart Tournament Preview 4-2-14


LRTV's Marketplace Event -

Lake Region TV Fundraising Event

“LRTV’s Marketplace” will be held on Saturday, May 24th from 9am -2pm. Lake Region crafters, artisans and those collectors of gently used items will be able to display and sell their possessions at Bridgton Town Hall. Space is limited and reserving your table by March 31, 2014 will secure your place. The reserved table fees of $30.00, includes all pre-event advertising, featured spots on Lake Region TV’s Message Board, acknowledgment in all press releases and televised LIVE programming throughout the day of the fundraiser.

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